Discover fun in problems

About WhyMeAngry?

"If the world comes together to solve problems and get them solved , there wouldn't be any." WhyMeAngry works exactly on this idea.

WhyMeAngry Mission:To help people solve their problems in a fun, easy and useful way.

WhyMeAngry connects people over the world to get their problems solved. People get creative,funny,out-of-box,easy,simple,rocking or awesome solutions to their botherations,challenges,disputes,doubts or obstacles that they are facing in the real life.
People post their situations and get solutions. People can also browse through similar shared problems and check out their solutions.
Its a place to experience creativity over anger.

So whether your boyfriend dumped you,girlfriend dumped you,brother kicked you,sister slapped you,neighbour bugs you,traffic,corruption,
work,job,business,employee,employer,marriage,health,friends,rivals etc etc etc .....
Whatever it is start discovering fun in real life problems

About Founder

Pratik Mehta [born 23rd July 1990,Pune,India].

"The whole idea is to wash out the social and daily real-life problems.We can make it great with your help. Like any other site ,this is just a platform made to help people live a happy life ,but to make this work you have to be a part of it. Come join us! "
--Pratik Mehta
creator of